The Sunburst Music Scholarship Fund is a partnership between Sunburst School of Music and New Sun Rising to provide free or low cost music lessons to children of lower income families in Pittsburgh. Learning music has a profound impact on the minds and lives of young people and it’s our goal to make sure that our lessons and group programs are accessible to everyone.

The Sunburst Music Scholarship Fund is part of New Sun Rising’s Vibrancy Fund, a 501c3 dedicated to creating community, sustainability and opportunity in the Pittsburgh region.

Applying for Scholarships

Scholarships through the Sunburst Music Scholarship Fund are for students under the age of 18 who would not otherwise be able to afford monthly tuition. Scholarships can be for weekly 30 minute lessons on any of the instruments offered at Sunburst, as well as our group programs: Sunburst Rocks Main Stage, Emerging Artists, The Suntones and Explore.

Please see full details and requirements in the application form.

Sunburst Music Scholarship Fund Application

Make a Donation

The Sunburst Music Scholarship Fund is supported by donations from Sunburst students and community members. To make a donation and help bring music to some amazing kids, please use the link below. We also have a donation bin in the Sunburst waiting room, and will be collecting donations at our recitals and other events. Because of the ongoing nature of music lessons, we’d also like to invite you to make a small monthly donation, please contact us here if you’re interested.

Make a Donation

Thank you to all of our generous supporters, dedicated students and community members for making the Sunburst Music Scholarship Fund a reality! To anyone who might be interested in applying for our scholarship, making a donation or assisting in our fundraisers: please spread the word (OR send us an email)!

-Alex Stanton


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Sunburst Music Scholarship Fund