The guitar has been the central instrument in rock and pop music since the beginning, for anyone who’s ever dreamed of picking and strumming their way to glory, we’re here to help. Our mission with our guitar lessons is to help students define goals and then gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to fulfill them.

Guitar LessonsFor beginning students (both children and adults) we’ve thought up a number of innovative teaching methods to simplify this instrument which is notoriously tricky at first. By starting with one string and one note at a time and earning a few small victories, we inspire students to reach milestone after milestone. As far as it’s possible we try to get the student to pick songs that they like and break them down to be playable for their level even from the very beginning.

Once we’ve learned a set of universal chords, scales and musical ideas we really start working towards the specific skills required to take the student where they want to go. While there are more core ideas that are important regardless of genre, the lessons in this intermediate stage vary wildly between a student who’s interested in jazz comping, metal lead guitar or an aspiring singer-songwriter. We’re always encouraging our guitar students to really delve into the music that they love and also to try writing, performing and seeking out like minded musicians. 

While we pride ourselves on our ability to make guitar lessons fun for beginners, our instructors also love teaching advanced players. All of our instructors have either a music degree, or several years of professional performance experience and love to share the depth of their knowledge with students of all levels. For advanced players lessons are tailored completely to the interests of the student. 

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We offer all new students a free first lesson of up to 45 minutes. Request Info today or call (412) 475-8280 to get started! 

Private Lesson Rates

Our rates are by the month (Average of 4 lessons):

Weekly half hour lessons

$120 per month

Weekly 45 minute lessons

$170 per month

Weekly hour lessons

$220 per month

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