DJ lessonsFor those that play a traditional instrument, these lessons can also be about exploring arrangement, recording, mixing etc. from a songwriters point of view. This can include how to use microphones and preamps, how to arrange parts and build tracks, how to tweak the sounds of a near polished mix, all the way up to dealing with personalities in the studio. The music production chain takes minutes to understand and a lifetime to master.

For younger students or MP instructors get them started making simple beats with knobs, records and touch screens. Much of this can be done in garageband on an iPhone or iPad, allowing students to work on their projects at home and bring them in each week.

We encourage our MP students to perform at our recitals and events. Like any instrument, practicing recreating your music for a live audience is one of the best ways to get better. These lessons are an exciting new way for kids and adults to get deeper into music!

Want to do your lessons remotely? Ask us about online music production lessons via Zoom!

We offer all new students a free first lesson of up to 45 minutes. Request Info today or call (412) 475-8280 to get started! 

Private Lesson Rates

Our rates are by the month (Average of 4 lessons):

Weekly half hour lessons

$120 per month

Weekly 45 minute lessons

$170 per month

Weekly hour lessons

$220 per month

We have a flexible make up policy! Call for details...

We offer semi-private lessons for friends and family members, inquire for details...