piano lessonsThe piano is a very popular instrument for young beginners as the act of making one note sound good is relatively simple (compared to say, the trombone). For beginners of all ages our early goals are simple and include basic sheet music, hand positioning and posture, and playing simple rhythms and melodies. A big part of our approach for all new players is helping them to play something that they know and love early on in their experience providing a sense of accomplishment and inspiration.

For intermediate and advanced players we really work with them to try to see that there are infinite possibilities with this supremely versatile instrument. Some of our students go on to learn to accompany themselves singing via chord charts and inversions, some dive deeper into music theory, others begin working on playing with a band or on manipulating sounds and playing synthesizers.

Like with all of our instruments we are always encouraging our piano students to perform in our recital concerts, in our band programs or even just at home for their friends and family. Piano lessons can help put you or your child on the path to a lifetime of music.

Want to do your lessons remotely? Ask us about online piano lessons via Zoom!

We offer all new students a free first lesson of up to 45 minutes. Request Info today or call (412) 475-8280 to get started! 

Private Lesson Rates

Our rates are by the month (Average of 4 lessons):

Weekly half hour lessons

$120 per month

Weekly 45 minute lessons

$170 per month

Weekly hour lessons

$220 per month

We have a flexible make up policy! Call for details...

We offer semi-private lessons for friends and family members, inquire for details...