Drum LessonsBeginning drums start with basic stickwork, reading and exercises to develop their sense of timing and musicality. We start our new players on the kit from the first lesson so they can learn the components and the most basic of beats. Playing along through headphones to metronomes or backing tracks of some of their favorite songs is a big part of lessons and practicing and helps drummers develop their all important rhythmic skills.

Our instructors also work with intermediate and advanced students, some of whom are in bands, working on a music school application, or just playing for fun. These lessons can cover a lot of ground from the nitty gritty of a particular song, artist or genre, to learning about music theory, to drum programming and more.

Drum lessons are also a great way to develop coordination, balance, timing and confidence for everyone from young beginners up to retirement age. As with all of our instruments, our drum students of all levels are encouraged to perform in our recitals, with our group programs, and to seek out other musicians to jam with.

Want to do your lessons remotely? Ask us about online drum lessons via Zoom!

We offer all new students a free first lesson of up to 45 minutes. Request Info today or call (412) 475-8280 to get started! 

Private Lesson Rates

Our rates are by the month (Average of 4 lessons):

Weekly half hour lessons

$120 per month

Weekly 45 minute lessons

$170 per month

Weekly hour lessons

$220 per month

We have a flexible make up policy! Call for details...

We offer semi-private lessons for friends and family members, inquire for details...