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Kevin Lynch - Drums & Guitar

Kevin is a Pittsburgh-born drummer, guitarist, and music producer who loves playing and teaching music of all kinds! Along with teaching at Sunburst, Kevin is the drummer for Studio E (featuring Gary Racan of The Vogues), Ferdinand the Bull, Chloe Wiecz Collective and house drummer for weekly jam session The Late Hit.

He first started playing drums after unearthing his dad's old drum kit from the attic. Used initially for Led Zeppelin covers in filthy 1960s frat houses, Kevin reassembled the kit and carried on the tradition of performing wild rock and roll, rattling his parents' brains with Sum 41, Blink 182 and Green Day covers. Once introduced to jazz, Kevin dropped his athletic obligations (baseball, soccer, and track) to focus on music performance and production.

Academically, Kevin has a degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, and has earned regional and national awards for his work for The Pitt News.

Kevin believes that no matter the student's relationship to music, lessons should always be fun! He teaches students of all ages, skill levels, and needs. Students will learn through mostly through songs, and will also explore technique and improvisation. He ultimately hopes that students can make positive decisions in their lives through the joy and sense of accomplishment they feel through learning music.