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Ernie Francestine, Guitar Teacher

When I was twelve I picked up my first guitar, and sixteen years later I am still falling in love with this fun and exciting instrument. As a beginner, I remember intently practicing to master basic chords and songs and eventually noticed myself making significant strides. This gave me the confidence and determination to stick with it...

 I adopted a blues- and jazz-oriented style of playing, but always finding new things to learn and styles to appreciate. Playing in various bands throughout high school and college, and having teachers such as Dominic Paga and Joe Lish made me proficient in all styles. I am eager to help you find your niche.

I customize each student’s learning experience in order to maximize his or her enjoyment for guitar and music. I enjoy working with students of all skill levels because it gives me a chance to shape and encourage their musical tastes, the way my teachers did for me. During lessons, I strive to make every new skill adaptable to a real-life playing situation. Just like when I started playing, I know that with practice and proper teaching techniques, significant improvement isn’t far away for any student. Music is my passion, and I look forward to sharing that with all of my students.

Ernie Francestine