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Most musicians would agree that they learned and grew the most when they started playing with others. Sunburst Rocks is about helping kids who are involved in private lessons to take their playing to the next level through collaboration, creativity and on-stage experience. Our instructors have years of experience performing and songwriting in the Pittsburgh area and strive to pass that knowledge along to the next generation.

Each season, students and instructors work together to put together a setlist that explores different genres, artists, albums or time periods for a big show in a real rock venue. Our Sunburst Rocks bands also perform together at a variety of community events throughout the season. As our setlist starts to take shape, students will spend time in the recording studio learning about music production and laying down some of the tracks they’ve been working on.

Since being in a band is about more than just jamming, performing, and recording, our students will name their bands, design logos and merch, and even learn a bit about marketing and the music business.

Sunburst Rocks is appropriate for kids who have been playing for a minimum of a few months and meet a few basic ability prerequisites.

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  • Mondays 5-7pm, Tuesdays 5-7pm, Sundays 1-3pm
  • 2 hour class (average of 4 classes/month)
  • $120/month


  • Some ability requirements, talk to your instructor for details.
  • We ask that our drummers be prepared to play a secondary instrument (either voice, keys, bass, guitar or uke) in addition to drum kit.

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