Ready to make some noise? The Sunburst Drum Ensemble is for dedicated drum set students interested in joining together to make some seriously powerful grooves!

drum ensemble logoDrum Ensemble students gather weekly around 3 acoustic drum kits, provided by Sunburst, to explore group improvisation through "sheds" or jam sessions, and strengthen their reading and writing abilities through drum music scoring.

Performance opportunities occur seasonally and in support of fellow Sunburst group programs.

-Sundays 4-5pm or Sundays 5-6pm
-1 hour class (average of 4 classes/month)

Auditions are held seasonally and examine the following skills:

  • Basic rhythm, time-keeping, and counting
  • Improvisation and freedom over various tempos
  • Music reading, writing, and understanding of song form

Auditions to be held Sunday, September 8th from 4-5pm, please get in touch with us to reserve a time. Here are some tips to preparing for your audition:

  • Prepare two cool, unique beats of varying styles. For both beats, be ready to keep the beat, add fills, and return to the beat afterwards!
  • Prepare to play-along with a song of your choice.

Contact us to get involved with Sunburst Drum Ensemble

Drum Ensemble