Explore is an introductory music class for kids from ages 4-5. The goal is to teach kids music fundamentals like rhythm and melody while helping to foster their love of music and spark their creativity. Each month of the class focuses on a musical project such as learning to play a new song as a band, songwriting, recording and looping, and more.


These projects give our students an opportunity to learn some basics on the guitar, uke, bass, keys, drums, or percussion, and provide them a new lens through which to appreciate music. At the culmination of each project, our students will put on a performance or demonstration, both to showcase their work and to gain some important on-stage experience.

The Explore class takes place in small groups of 2-5 kids per 1 instructor. The class is meant to be a nice introduction to the world of music that builds basics skills and lets kids try out a few different instruments. It's appropriate for kids who haven’t yet decided on an instrument and are not involved in private lessons, or have recently begun private lessons and are looking to round out their experience. As students begin to develop an identity on one instrument and reach a few ability milestones, it may make sense for them to start private lessons either instead of or in addition to the class.



    Saturday, 10:00-10:30 (outdoor)

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