Dear Sunburst Students and Families,

It is hard to find the words to express our sorrow and outrage at the continued racism that is being televised nationally and witnessed in many of our communities around Pittsburgh. We at Sunburst are standing together for Justice. From our admin team to all of our instructors, our intention at this moment is to listen to the voices of our students of color, and we are currently educating ourselves on how we can affect positive change.

I would also like to remind all of our students and families that music can be a great healing agent, and a source of unification, which is what the nation needs right now. 

We want to highlight some local African American-led organizations in Pittsburgh working to improve the lives of our young people through the arts, please consider donating or reaching out to them to learn more: 1 Hood Media, Center of Life, YWCA Pittsburgh, The Lighthouse Project to name a few. There are also local and national organizations leading the fight against racial injustice, here are a few (including 1 Hood, above): Color of Change, Black Lives Matter, WHATS UP?!, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, My Brothers Keeper, NAACP Pittsburgh.

Alex Stanton
Sunburst School of Music