Our spring recital concerts are a great way to show off what you've been working on for friends and family! Also read about our summer lite plan for travelers.

Sunburst News

–April 2017–

In this Issue:

  • Spring Recital Concert

  • Important Dates

  • Traveling this Summer? Check out our Summer Lite Plan

  • Instructor Spotlight - Scott Spindler Guitar, Uke, Banjo Instructor

  • Summer Kick Off Party

  • Bring A friend Camp Discount


Important Dates:

  • BurghSong Presents Heather Pearson & Rachael Whitcomb @ Sunburst - Sat, April 15th, 7pm

  • Earth Night @ ECS - Saturday Main Stage Group & The Suntones - Fri, April 21st, 7pm

  • SBR performs Pittsburgh Marathon - All Main Stage and Emerging Groups - Sun, May 7th, Time and Location TBA

  • Friendship Folk and Flower Festival - Friday Main Stage - Sat, May 13th, Time and Location TBA

  • Summer Kick Off Party @ Sunburst - Sat, May 13th, 7pm

  • K-5 Fun Fair @ Liberty School - Monday Main Stage Group - Fri, May 19th - Time TBA

  • Spring Recital Concert @ Sunburst - Sat Jun 10th & Sat Jun 17th

  • Sunburst Rocks Season Finale @ Hard Rock Cafe - Sun Jun 11th 3-5pm & 5-7:30pm


Spring Recital Announced

Our Spring Recital Concerts will be held on site Saturday, June 10th and Saturday, June 17th

Recital photoWe are excited to announce our Spring Recital Concerts, an opportunity for any and all Sunburst students to get on stage and show everyone what they’ve been working on! We love having every student- young, old, beginning, advanced, and everyone in between- experience playing in such an encouraging environment. Songs can range from a snippet of the first thing you learned in your first lesson a few weeks ago, to that medley of 90’s grunge you’ve been working on since December, and anything you can dream up (we LOVE to hear original songs!).

We’ve been working on our recital format to ensure that all performers have a full, attentive house to play to and everyone has a seat. For this round we’re going to do 90 minute sessions limited to 20 performers per session. Each student gets to perform one song (4-5 min) of their choosing with whatever instrumentation they like (solo, with their teacher, with multiple teachers, with other students, full gospel choir). Students may also perform as accompaniment on any number of other songs. Here are the time slots:

Saturday, June 10th

11:00AM-12:30PM, 1-2:30PM, 3-4:30PM

Saturday, June 17th

11:00AM-12:30PM, 1-2:30PM

We will make a second announcement that will include which teachers will be available for each session. Whenever possible we try to make sure students and their teachers are able to do the same sessions, but if this isn’t possible we still encourage students to perform and are happy to discuss alternatives for accompaniment.

These concerts are free and open to any friends and family of performers, as well as the public. We will be collecting donations on site for the Ovation Music Scholarship Fund, whom we work with to provide opportunities for kids who wouldn’t normally be able to attend Sunburst.

Talk to your instructor about performing and sign up at the desk next time you’re in. We can’t wait to hear and see your progress and thank you for sharing your music with us!

summer alt="SUMMER" width="200" height="200" style="margin: 10px; float: left;" /> Traveling This Summer and Worried About Losing Your Spot?

The Sunburst Summer Lite Plan has been created for just this situation

Summer is fast approaching and we know that between traveling, summer camps and shifting schedules it can be hard to keep up with your music lessons and practicing. That’s why this summer we’re offering a reduced plan that allows students a little more flexibility with fewer make ups to do, and most importantly will guarantee your teacher and timeslot for the fall. The summer lite plan includes 3 lessons per month and will be available only in the months of July and August at the following rates:

30 minute lessons - $89/month (3 lessons)

45 minute lessons - $125/month (3 lessons)

60 minute lessons - $159/month (3 lessons)

We realize that those with extensive travel plans will still end up with a few makeup passes, which is why we’re encouraging students to try scheduling some of their makeups starting now. With our recital concerts in June, you could use your makeup from July for an extra chance to practice! We hope that the Summer Lite Plan makes it easier for our students to continue making progress over the summer even with their other obligations. With some of our teachers on waitlists, we cannot guarantee the teacher and timeslot of anyone withdrawing during the summer months. Please let us know as soon as you make your summer plans so that we can find a schedule that works best for you!

Almost Summer Kickoff Party

HRC photoLet’s be honest, where has this year gone!? Summertime is almost here. Time for pool days, non stop videos games and zero . . yes, zero homework. We can’t wait for June, so let’s start the party early! Pittsburgh State of Mind and a special will be rocking the Sunburst Stage Saturday May 13th at 7pm to kick it off! Its free, so you have no excuse. Be there!

Who: Pittsburgh State of Mind and other Sunburst youth bands (and you!)

What: a concert, free pizza…

Where: Sunburst.

When: Saturday, May 13th at 7pm

Why: ??!

Instructor Spotlight

ScottScott Spindler - Guitar Instructor 

How did you get started playing your instrument?

In middle school, my friends and I became obsessed with the rock band ACDC. This led me to desperately wanting to learn the electric guitar. I starting taking lessons and slowly began to play some of the songs that I listened to so many times. It was very exciting and I became hooked.

What is your favorite kind of music to play?

My favorite music to play right now would be bluegrass. I enjoy the fact that you can get together with a group of friends with other acoustic instruments and have a great time playing together without having to plug anything in. The fast pace with a driving rhythm guitar is very enjoyable to play. The solos can be quite challenging and makes for fun practice.

What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Right now I am listening to Phil Collins. Been on a huge Phil Collins kick and I don’t see it ending soon. ***note from the editor: agree, Phil Collins is everything***

What advice do you have for our aspiring musicians out there?

My advice would be to play with other musicians! Playing with others is a great way to improve, learn new styles of music, and have fun.

Summer Camps Bring a Friend Discount

Invite a friend to a Summer Camp and Sunburst (not currently in our database) and BOTH campers get $150 off! Here are our camps:

June 19-23rd - Night at the Hip-Rock Opera: Vol II

June 26-30th - Warped Summer: Punk Rock Extravaganza

August 7-11th - Camp Studio: Let's Make an Album!


As always we love to hear your feedback about the newsletter, or anything else for that matter. You can reach us at (412) 475-8280 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks for reading and being a part of things at Sunburst. If you love your lessons at Sunburst, please leave us a review on Google and Facebook, it really helps!

Also we've got some new offerings coming this June including an Explore for 4-5 year olds, and ukulele and guitar group classes for kids! Stay tuned.

–Sunburst Team