Recital 1Our Spring Recital Concerts will be held Sunday, June 10th and Saturday, June 16th at Sunburst

We are excited to announce our Spring Recital Concerts, an opportunity for any and all Sunburst students to get on stage and show everyone what they’ve been working on! Performing is such a valuable part of the experience of learning music that we’d like to encourage everyone–regardless of age or experience level–to hop on stage and give it a shot. Songs can range from a snippet of the first thing you learned in your first lesson a few weeks ago, to something more advanced you’ve been working on for months.

Our recitals take place in 90 minute sessions limited to 20 performers per session. Each student gets to perform one song (4-5 min) of their choosing with whatever instrumentation they like (solo, with their teacher, with multiple teachers, with other students, etc.). Students may also perform as accompaniment for any number of other songs with their friends, family or other students that we match them up with. Here are the time slots:

Sunday, June 10th

11:00AM-12:30PM, 1:30-3PM, 4-5:30PM


Saturday, June 16th

11:00AM-12:30PM, 1:30-3PM, 4-5:30PM

Recital 1We will make a second announcement that will include which teachers will be available for each session. Whenever possible, we try to make sure students and their teachers are able to do the same sessions, but if this isn’t possible we still encourage students to perform and are happy to discuss alternatives for accompaniment.

These concerts are open to the public, friends and family. It’s free to play and attend but we also collect optional donations at the door for the Sunburst Music Scholarship Fund. The fund relies on donations from students and families to help kids from lower income families attend lessons. These recitals are some of our key fundraising opportunities throughout the year, so we really appreciate your donations! To learn more about the scholarship program visit

Once we announce the teacher lineup, we’ll begin taking sign-ups at the desk. We can’t wait to hear and see your progress and thank you for sharing your music with us!