Our spring recitals are June 7th, 9th and 15th, here’s a schedule of which instructors will be at which recital session. Talk to your instructor about getting prepared to perform and sign up by calling, emailing or stopping by the desk the next time you’re in!

Sun 6/9 - 10-11am Sun 6/9 - 12-1pm Sun 6/9 - 2-3pm Sun 6/9 - 4-5pm
Anne Angyal Fin Hagerty-Hammond Ben Rossman Jonathan Cordle
Annina Deberardinis Heather DiCicco Jordan Main Mikey Meiers
John O'Brien Lucas Bowman   Rich Kawood
      Shane McLaughlin
Sat 6/15 - 10-11am Sat 6/15 - 12-1pm Sat 6/15 - 2-3pm Sat 6/15 - 4-5pm
Chloe Wieczorek Bryan Persinger Brian Hecht Ben Sherman
Max Somerville Ernie Francestine Leigh Usilton Kevin Lynch
Todd Saulle Nicholas Huneycutt Molly Gavin Mike Molaro
  Sam Roschewsk   Sydney Kaczorowski