The holiday season is closing in, but we’re sure you’ve already done all of your shopping, right? What’s that? Oh just a few more things to get? Still trying to figure out what to get the musician in your family? Oh you haven’t even started… Ahhh.. OK well we’re here to help.


Sunburst Gift Cards

gift cards

Redeemable for lessons, group programs, band coaching and summer camps, Sunburst gift cards are the perfect gift for your friends, family members, neighbors, and neighbor’s friend’s family members.




Vibes Hi-Fidelity Ear Plugs

vibes web

Ear plugs are totally essential for drummers or musicians involved in a band program but for other musicians, a nice pair can be really useful for concert going and walking past construction sites. Vibes are a low cost alternative to the fancy custom molded kind and compared to the standard foam ear plugs, do a great job of just lowering the volume without muffling or changing the sound



Musician’s Dice

musiciansdiceRoll these simple and brilliant dice to find your way into a scale or chord progression that you never would have thought of or expected. Gamify your practice, start a prog rock band, write new songs or just see where the music takes you with Musician’s Dice available from Amazon.




Turntable, Amplifier & Speakers

turntableTeach your young musician the magic of music listening the old fashioned way with a vinyl listening setup. Getting into vinyl makes us more mindful about our music listening, reduces screen time, and makes for some fun trips to our neighbor in Squirrel Hill, Jerry’s Records! We recommend going with a separate turntable, amplifier and speakers over an all-in-one unit so that you can upgrade pieces individually later. Here is a buyer’s guide.



Spotify Subscription

spotify…and/or if your favorite music listener is more of a streamer, a subscription to Spotify is the best way to give the gift of endless, ad-less listening. Once you’ve got them signed up, make sure they follow and playlist their favorite Sunburst instructor’s bands ;)