We've just completed our 'Hit the Studio' summer camp and we're eager to share the results. At the beginning of the week the kids were given a challenge: to create an album in a week with each of them producing a track. 

The Rules:

1. The producer is in charge. Everybody got to spend some amount of everyday producing during which time the studio was theirs. All other musicians were at their beck and call and pledged to use their skills to help fulfill the producer's vision. 

2. You have to finish something. Everyone had their own style of production, some were content to work on the same song, perfecting it across the entire week while some wanted to start a new song everyday. Producers were allowed to experiment with as many ideas as they liked as long as they finished something.

3. One live source. Partly we wanted to make sure everyone learned how to mic a source and adjust a preamp, partly we just have some new mics and wanted to use them. Everything had to have something "out of the box" (which means an actual sound recorded with actual microphones as opposed to something generated in the computer).

(BTW: if you got a cd from us the track order is different*)

The Results:



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1. Long Day Blues 

Producer: Aidan
Lead Vocal: Neila
Keyboard: Zack
Drums: Aidan
Bass: Shane
Faux trumpet: Nina
Electric Guitar: Luc


2. Magic Don't Scare Me

Producer: Luc
Lead Vocal: Neila & Nina
Electric Guitar: Luc
Drums: Aidan
Bass: Luc


3. Its Not The Same

Producer: Nathan
Lead Vocal: Nathan
Electric and Acoustic Guitar: Alex
Bass Guitar: Jonathan
Drums and Drum Editing: Shane


4. Quack Goes the Robot

Producer: Aidan
Lead Vocal: Neila & Nina
Organ: Zack
Drums: Aidan
Synth Bass, Synth Lead: Zack
Guitar: Alex


5. Duct Tape

Producer: NinaDrums: Nina
Electric Guitar: Luc, Shane, Neila
Bass: Shane
Bass Solo: Luc


6. Nature is Life

Producer: Nina
Lead Vocal: Nina
Drum Programming: Aidan
Synth Harp, Bass & Violin: Zack
Acoustic & Slide Guitar: Alex
Background vocals: Nina & Alex
Sweeping Synth: Shane


7. Edible, Toxic, Biohazard: Hermit Crabs

Producer: Zack
Lead Vocal: Luc
Organs, Clav: Zack
Drums: Alex
Roto-toms, Conga, tamb: Aidan
Background vocals: Everyone
Bass, Bass Solo: Luc


8. Random Day

Producer: Neila
Lead Vocal: Neila
Background Vocal: Nina
Acoustic Guitar: Neila
Ukulele: Nina
Drums: Aidan
Bass: Luc or Shane.. I don't remember
Tamborine: Neila


9. Pedal Master

Producer: Shane
Bass: Shane
Drums: Aidan
Guitar: Luc
Pedal Clicking Sound: Shane


10.  My Life

Producer: Nathan
Lead Vocal: Nathan


11. Flash

Producer: Shane
Bass: Shane
Drum, Synth Programming: Shane
Guitar: Luc


12. No Name

Producer: Aidan
Synth: Zack
Drum Pad: Aidan
Acordian: Zack
Drum kit and odd guitar sounds: Everyone


Side Projects:

Music Video for "Pedal Master" by Shane & Luc:


Original score for YouTube cat video: 


** If you got the hard copy CD, your tracks are in this order: 

1. Long Day Blues

2. No Name

3. Duct Tape

4. Edible, Toxic, Biohazard: Hermit Crabs

5. Flash

6. Magic Don't Scare Me

7. My Life

8. Its Not the Same

9. Nature is Life

10. Pedal Master

11. Quack Goes the Robot

12. Random Day