recording dayAfter their amazing performance at Mr Smalls Funhouse in December, our growing musicians in the Sunburst Rocks, Suntones and House Band programs took to the studio to learn about the recording arts and to lay down some tracks.

Some of the groups opted to recreate a favorite cover song from this season and others decided to cut new ground and write and record a new song in the same day.

For all of the groups we used a combination of live performance and overdubs to build our tracks. We started with our rhythm sections (drums, bass, rhythm guitars) and then layered lead vocals, keyboards, backing vocals and whatever else we could think of to recreate what our young producers were hearing in their heads. Another important part of our recording sessions is teaching kids how this stuff works by making sure that everyone gets a turn at running the computer, audio equipment and microphones. Once we’ve got all of our tracks recorded, we mix them, master them, and put them up on Soundcloud for your enjoyment!