Casey HannerSo what is this Robot Takeover Camp anyway?

We are going to work together as a group to build a robot that will actually play music! Then we are going to compose pieces of music and learn how to program the robot to play those compositions. The robot will take center stage during the end of the week performance!


How did you come up with the idea for it?

My educational background is in engineering and I've always had an interest in robots and programming. So I thought it would be fun to add a robotics element into one of our summer camps. I wanted to figure out a way to really combine music and robotics (instead of learning about each separately) and that's how the music-playing robot idea was born!

Who would this camp be fun for?

Everyone! I mean who doesn't want to build a robot? You don't have to have any experience in robotics, programming, or even music. However if you do happen to have some experience in one of those areas, this project can be made more challenging depending on your level.

What sorts of fun things can kids expect to do and learn?

We're going to learn about the basics of programming (through easy to use software), we're going to use our critical thinking (and teamwork) skills to design and build the robot together, and we're going to learn about music composition. We're also going to see how music can be composed and recorded using computers.