Drum student and teacher at June 17 recitalI can’t believe we’re already heading into another holiday season and that can only mean one thing…there’s a student recital around the corner!! I absolutely love helping my students get ready for recitals because it’s such an important learning tool in addition to being a fun, enriching experience. Performing is a wonderful way for students to express themselves and show what they have learned. It also establishes clear goals for them to work towards which can spark a great deal of progress in the prior weeks. That’s why preparation is key!

Students are challenged to practice a whole new set of skills when they are on stage as opposed to being in a lesson room, so it is important for them to feel as prepared as possible. I work with my students to set and achieve clear goals each week and always practice consistency within the pieces. This allows for us to dig a bit deeper into the songs and really work out any trouble spots. I love this process because it can open up a more in depth dialogue about technique as well as how to add more emotion into a song.

Students perform at SunburstAs a vocalist, it can be fun to experiment with improvising melodies in a lesson, but for a performance I know students will feel much more in control if they have everything planned out. I have also found that having my students take a few slow, steady breaths to start every lesson helps to relax their shoulders, deepen their breath, and slow their heart rate. Acquiring simple breathing techniques can truly make the difference before a performing a piece on stage or off. So when my students step out in front of the crowd and under the lights, I am confident that their hard work will shine.

Although I only have one Sunburst recital under my belt, I was so impressed by all of the students’ positive attitudes and excitement to watch each other perform. They were all so supportive of each other and I realized how much that is a reflection of all the amazing teachers at Sunburst who support each other in that same way. My students left for the evening feeling accomplished and inspired which revitalized our lessons in the following weeks. These recitals are meant to bring students, parents, and faculty closer together and to help all of us recognize what a wonderful community we are building. I encourage all of my students to get involved with the recital because even though it can be intimidating and scary, I know they will feel so accomplished afterwards and will want to keep striving to be the best musician they can be!

Our recitals are Sunday 12/10 and Saturday 12/16 - Sign ups are open at the desk now!