kikagaku moyoErnie’s Pick of the Month

Kikagaku Moyo - Masana Temples

Hailing from Tokyo, Kikagaku Moyo doesn’t take cues from past psych-rock tropes like heavy guitars, reverb-drenched vocals or thundering drums. Instead, employ an impressive array of sounds that feels like a new chapter for international music. “Masana Temples” is their 4th full length LP and has garnered them a significant amount of recognition stateside. Throughout the record, Kikagaku Moyo weaves through Thai-funk grooves, minimalist bass layers, and catchy hooks that invite the listener to interpret the lyrics to fit the mood of the song. “Dripping Sun” is a great example of all of the different territory they can cover in one song while still remaining cohesive and listenable. If you like what you hear on “Masana Temples”, check out “House In The Tall Grass” and take a trip to Baltimore on November 14th to see them on their fall US tour.

TL;DR: Japanese psych band that everyone can listen to.

Key tracks: Dripping Sun, Amayadori, Gatherings